TEDx Speaker

Cam was born with Cerebral Palsy and, despite the low likelihood of being able to walk or talk, he has defied the odds. When someone says something is a ‘possibility’ Cam sees it as an ‘opportunity’, join us as Cam shares his story about the pursuit of human excellence and the realisation that our biggest competitor is the one looking back at us in the mirror.



Managing Director, MYP Corporation

Steven has had numerous CEO, chairman and senior executive roles and advised hundreds of organisations across nearly every sector. 

Steven is the brains behind the platform innovation approach at MYP. He has committed the MYP team to creating solutions that solve real daily problems and provide the capacity for community, disability and health organisations to focus on those things that matter.


Client Services Manager, MYP Corporation

Tamar is responsible for the practical rollout of MYP solutions across the MYP community.  With her substantive background in education and adult learning, Tamar has her finger on the pulse of the learning needs of MYP Subscribers and is a critical contributor at every conference, ensuring attendees are kept up-to-date with what’s new at MYP and how to get the most from your MYP platform.  


Managing Director, Modus Management

Ken operates a specialist management consultancy for leaders seeking to enhance growth, maximise organisational competence and achieve their vision. He works with organisations across a variety of sectors helping them deliver greater value to their chosen segments by building clearer, more competitive and sustainable operations.

Ken advocates the alignment of business models with market needs in order for organisations to execute winning strategies and achieve repeatable outstanding results. He helps organisations focus on core issues and triage priorities by leveraging situation analysis, positioning, innovation, planning and accountability management techniques.

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